What is a Verb: Basic English Grammar Tutorial

Most of the students have problems in English Grammar. But, understanding grammar is not complicated at all. Today, we will discuss what is a verb. This is an essential English grammar tutorial. You will learn about verbs and use of verbs. Hope, you will get a bright idea after finishing the whole tutorial. This lesson will help you learn what a verb is and how to identify it correctly.

What is a Verb: Basic English Grammar Tutorial

Hello everyone in today’s lesson we will discuss verbs and how to identify them. If I am correct, a verb is a word that shows action in a sentence. Can you have described a verb correctly? Verbs are also used to indicate a state of being or existence.
Can you give an example of that why not my name is Timothy Simmons? Here is the verb which denotes my presence and who I am. I am confused about what to give my son for his birthday.
I gave you an example:
Give is a verb. You’re confused a verb you want to give something to your son. Give is a verb. Now tell me what does your son like to do. He loves painting with watercolors. He loves thus loves a verb. Can why don’t you give him a set of watercolors? Hmm give him a collection of watercolors and this
Sentence give shows action.

What is a Verb: Basic English Grammar Tutorial

So it is a verb. Isn’t it that’s right? Can now you’re understood the basic principles of verbs? And yes the work is of understanding so recognized is the verb in my sentence. Great now let’s see some conversations with more examples of verbs:
-I’m Daisy did you check the newspaper?
-what happened?
-there’s been a horrible plane crash.
-that’s two and well did everyone get out?
-safe I hope so.
-the recovery so I’m still working hard
-okay well, let’s switch to the news channel and stay updated.
-Pete where’s Nancy.
-she’s ill she can’t come to work today.
-what happened.
-she has a fever and a headache.
-well did you tell her to rest and drink plenty of
-I did, if her temperature does not drop before evening, I will be taking her to the doctor.
-that is a wise decision.
-please take care of work.

What is a Verb: Basic English Grammar Tutorial


25 most common verbs

Note that the first 12 verbs are unpredictable verbs, and that lone 8 of the 25 are standard. Note too that the first three verbs (be, have and do) work as principle verbs and helper verbs. It is likewise of intrigue that, in their base shape, these 25 most regular verbs are each of the one-syllable words.
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To be verbs chart

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Hope you go through the whole article and get a bright idea about the construction of verbs. The verb is an essential part of a sentence. Right uses of the verb are so much valuable. So, for making a correct sentence, you have to know the proper use of the verb. Keep visiting our site to understand more grammar lessons.
Now you know where & how to use a verb. Keep practice & Stay with us for a new lesson.


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    The post about What is a Verb: Basic English Grammar Tutorial is very helpful and informative. Most of the students have a common problem with English grammar. So, this post will help a lot the students who are weak in English. Hope, you will share more article about parts of speech. Thanks a lot

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